2 artists that collaborate katie louise williams + emma hicks

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Titles without Artworks – ongoing

Because who cares?
Lets stick together
Follow recommendation
Looks to be up
Up and running
Recurring Luck
Looks like you’re going to have to hit the books!
That escalated quickly
The I problem
You got any?
I am interested in a few things
Tryin’ to get the feeling again
Nothing to declare
What time does this go to?
week 5 – everything falls apart
movement with matter
nothing vs component
If things are right for it
more or less
off the cuff
Are we there yet?
Low not High
No fun hats
People talk to poets?


wooden desk bar, engraving, baskerville, 2013

ramblings from banff

Ramblings from Banff

junk thought

Cake cam – Junk thought

There's no lack of void.

There’s no lack of void.



No Fun Hats

No Fun Hats